Monday, January 10, 2011

Post 17 (2)

1. This graph shows that as inflation rate goes down, the unemployment rate goes up, and vice versa. It is a little vague and not very clear but simple and gets to the point.

2. Graph 2 is a little more detailed than Graph 1 while still getting to the point. It gives you a clear understanding of how the business cycle works, and is also simple enough to understand.

3. The last Graph is pretty much the same as Graph 2. It may be a little more interesting and colorful. I find it to be a little easier to understand while still being a little more detailed. It is made so that anyone could get how the business cycle works.

              *Dylan's Award*
-this award goes to my favorite visual out of the 3. The one that I believe to be the BEST visual is..

                                *GRAPH #3!!!*
I think this graph deserves my reward because it gives good info while keeping it simple. It was more detailed than the other 2 graph but still very easy for anyone to understand. It was also a little less boring because of the color.

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