Monday, January 17, 2011

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*3 sites that I wish I could use on mid-term




     I would like to use any of these 3 sites during my mid-term exam for economics. Each one gives a different look on economics and are very helpful. The first website is a link that has information for anyone from K-5 to college. I know that for 6-12 grade the site has just about everything needed to pass an economics test with flying colors. It has every section of it you could imagine.
     I find the second site to also be very helpful, especially during mid-terms. It has a couple of links that give you info on recession and supply and demand. It lets you know how this stuff works and what it is, along with some other things too.
     The final site I would like to use on my exam may have a funny name, but it works. It has links that give you info on macreconomics, supply and demand, taxes,and many other things about economics. It's as easy as clicking on the thing you want to know or learn and it gives you everything from the definition to even more links that can help.

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